Get to know HSP, and how we arrived here today.

We understand the dedication and work it takes to be your best as an Athlete, as we have taken those same steps as Coaches. HSP is a decade in the making; growing and evolving with our experience, reflections, insights from supporting Ultimate Athletes from around the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe that Athlete Education will lead to Athlete Empowerment, and that you should understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

With greater understanding of 'the why', there can be a higher level of technical execution and consistency. By empowering you with knowledge, you will always engage in Precise, Purposeful, and Passionate development.

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Our Methodology

We want to understand you as a person first and then determine a path towards your goals as an athlete. Through this process, our goal is to develop a level of trust and connection as Coach and Athlete.

As we begin our coaching, you will be provided with all the the tools you need to succeed, with your coach by your side for every step in the process.

Our Trainers

This is who we are.

Mike Haddock


Mike is a Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS), a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP), and as Staff/Faculty & Coach at the prestigious Havergal College in Toronto. His history within local and national sport has allowed him to build a network of diverse and trusted professionals, allowing for a wide view and perspective on development, growth, and elite sport performance.

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Harnaaz Kamboj

Lead Coach

My name is Harnaaz (Naaz) Kamboj, and I work as a Lead Coach with HSP. My personal philosophy thrives on hard work, discipline, and play; I believe that anything can be achieved when provided the correct tools and positive environment!

Harnaaz Kamboj

Daniel Galati

Lead Coach

My name is Daniel Galati and I am a lead coach at HSP. As a coach, my goal is to provide the "why" and "how" behind each programming variable in order to help athletes become competent and confident in their abilities. I have found this approach to be extremely effective when coupled with hard work, commitment and dedication to the training process.


David McGuire


When it comes to my coaching, my philosophy takes a simple approach with a deeply methodical execution. Know why you are doing an exercise, understand what you are supposed to feel and perform it to the best of your abilities. Athlete autonomy is first and foremost.


Our History

Mike has worked with clients and athletes in the entire physical spectrum, including;
international, national & elite Ultimate programs, as well as collegiate & varsity programs, youth athletes, and general population.

Ultimate Canada
2016 - Present
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Within Ultimate Canada, Mike’s most significant initiatives were to oversee the design and implementation of the multiple national Strength & Conditioning programs, including;

World Games 2017
- Bronze Medalists (Team Canada)
USAU National Championships 2019 - Silver Medalist (Toronto 6ixers)
USAU National Championships 2022 - Bronze Medalist (Toronto 6ixers)
WUCC Club Championships 2018 - Bronze Medalist (Toronto Goat)
U24 World Championships 2018 - Women’s (Silver) & Mixed (Bronze) Programs.

Mike also acts as a consultant for various development programs within Ultimate Canada - providing advice on NCCP Coaching Development models, as well as athlete monitoring and assessment for future national programs.

Havergal College
2020 - Present
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Mike is the Strength & Conditioning Coach (and Facility Supervisor) for Havergal College, a prestigious all-girls Independent School located in Toronto, Canada. Mike’s primary responsibilities are to the Athletics and Physical Education departments, which include running and maintaining the Fitness Centre, teaching and supporting the Senior School Phys Ed curriculum, and leading strength & conditioning for the internationally-competitive Rowing Program.

Toronto Ultimate
2014 - Present
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For almost a decade, Mike has been the Strength & Conditioning Coach for elite Toronto Ultimate. Mike's first role began in 2014 with the Toronto RUSH (Professional AUDL) and quickly grew to include Toronto GOAT (International Club). In 2017, Mike began with the Toronto 6ixers and has supported many individual athletes from the Toronto Ultimate community. All three teams have demonstrated consistent excellence at the National and International levels.

Field Hockey Canada
2018 - 2021
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Mike was a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Field Hockey Canada, overseeing the implementation of the Ontario Junior Development System (JDS) Men’s Strength & Conditioning Program. This has required constant communication and collaboration with the National Team and its Coaches across the country. The focus of this program is to develop a long term understanding and enjoyment of training, and to build a foundation upon which the athletes can mature into Senior Development program. Mike has also participated in minor consultation roles for Senior National programming.

Sheridan College
2016 - 2019
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As a Faculty Member at Sheridan College (Kinesiology Degree Program), Mike led the Strength & Conditioning Internship and built partnerships within the community to drive student development. Working closely with the other Sheridan programs reinforced an appreciation for positive collaboration within all facets of the Integrated Sports Team. As Internship Coordinator, Mike’s singular focus was to provide student interns with legitimate learning and growth opportunities within elite sport, while also being challenged to meet real world expectations as coaches, professionals, and athletes. They were empowered to make decisions based on implemented systems as well as critical thinking instincts.

York University
2006 - 2012
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Mike completed both his Bachelor of Arts (Kinesiology) as well as his Masters of Exercise Physiology at York University. Mike’s time at York was instrumental in providing him with a comprehensive background on the science of human adaptation, while challenging his understanding of the complex mechanisms of physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and coaching. Above all else, Mike was challenged to ask the right questions, to problem solve creatively, to think critically, while pursuing excellence in his craft.