Designed to be a truly individualized experience.

The best program is only the best program, if its the best for you. We will get to know you, determine your strengths and challenges, and together build a path to your best performance.

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What to expect

Every Single Thing You Need.

If it can help with your performance, we can provide it.

From training programs to performance nutrition tracking & advice, conditioning plans, mobility/recovery templates, taper scheduling, tournament planning & peaking, travel efficiency tips, and so much more.

How to communicate

Whatever is best for you.

We encourage a consistent and open dialogue; we communicate with our athletes regularly. We use a variety of mediums to check in, answer questions, send video feedback, provide advice, and make sure there is 100% confidence in the plan.

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HSP Video Hub
OUR resources

The HSP Video Hub

With 1000+ videos and a collection of supporting written content – you will have complete access to the entire HSP Library to learn from.

This database includes exercise demonstrations of traditional strength movements, SAQ (Speed Agility Quickness), Power & Plyometric Training, Warmup & Cooldown elements, Sprint & Acceleration Mechanics, Olympic Lifting, Mobility & Recovery Techniques, Conditioning & Field Drills, and so much more.

Truly individualized?

Complete Planning for your Success

No matter your unique challenges – whether its time, injuries, or equipment - we will work closely with you to build a plan and path that works best for you, with a vision to competing at your highest possible level.

You will always engage in Precise, Purposeful, and Passionate development.

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Got Questions?

How do I begin with HSP?
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Reach out through the 'Get In Touch' button below, or connect with us through our HSP Instagram channel. We can provide you with more information and insight to the process, and determine what a timeline may be to begin with either our Head or Lead Coaches.

How does it work logistically?
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We use a 'subscription model', in which a new athlete/client would sign up for HSP Services in multi-month blocks. This extended time commitment allows us to strategize for the future and plan on multiple individualized steps for your development. We have seen that this process leads to higher motivation and commitment from our athletes, which in turn leads to the best results!

What if I have a logistical limitation (equipment / time / injuries)?
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No problem! After working with hundreds of athletes, we have seen it all and have solutions for every limitation. We believe in understanding the human first and the athlete second, and our goal is to create a program that optimizes whatever time or commitment you are able to provide.

Anyone Can be an HSP athlete

Becoming an HSP Athlete means that you enjoy the process of getting better,
and that you want to learn about who you can be as an athlete.

We love what we do, and we hope to work with athletes that feel the same way.